Friday, September 05, 2008

What Have I Been Making Lately?

Well, let me show you in pictures.

These are the felted hair clips that I've been hand-beading. The last picture are the ones made from fabric yoyos. Once I figure out how I am going to list them (individually? in sets? how many in a set?), they will go up in the shop.

This is a sweater that I knitted for a very special 2 year old (not mine). I just love how it turned out. I spent an hour looking through my stash of vintage buttons for two perfect ones. Finally, I decided on two mismatched ones because it just seemed to fit the recipient perfectly. One is actual shell. The yarn on the yoke is a wool/synth blend from Hobby Lobby's own brand - I want to say Mosaic Twist but I can't recall. The bottom is Jiffy faux brushed mohair in Oat. It was knitted on size 13 needles.


Christine said... looks so cute..I love the buttons. Knit on!

Karen said...

I love the hair clips in the 4th picture down! (Well, I like them all...but those are my fav!)