Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gem Grubbin' with the Girls





Sunday we took the girls gem grubbing up near Helen, Georgia. Its not that far away - maybe 40 minutes. They had a good time. Fern didn't quite get the hang of it and wanted to just put all of the rocks in her baggie but we got it all straightened out and the girls came home with lots of valuable treasures. If we can find someone to tumble them, they will really be quite beautiful.

After gem grubbing, we playing Pirate Mini-Golf in Helen. Scott kept score. Playing mini-golf with a 2 year old who wants to do EVERYTHING herself is nothing short of a challenge. We muddled through and had an ice cream at the end. It was quite fun.

We got my car fixed - it had a cracked radiator. That completely wiped out our Christmas fund. I am still working like a dog to get the shop really full. I did pretty well last year so I am hoping for a good holiday season this year as well. And outside of my recent yarn purchase, I have vowed to use what I have for a while.

We've never cared about having fancy things but I think struggling and never getting ahead wearing thin on both of us.
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BeckyKay said...

I've always wanted to go do that! How fun!

Sondra said...

Oh, the girls are so sweet looking....Kelly Belle thought Lu had a doll with her while she was mining....I said that's no doll, that's Fern.
They are precious!