Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cue the Banjos - We're Going Down the River!

So we decided yesterday to head over to Scott's mom's and go rafting. Bama and Pappy Jack live on the Cartecay River and with all of the recent rain, we figured it would be a good time. We got everyone loaded in the raft and Fern decided she was going to flip out so Bama took her back to the house.

Scott, Lulu and I had a nice float down the river. We did get stuck a few times but the second half of the trip was nice and calm. We floated under a huge fallen tree and were just inches from a HUGE spider (4 inches across) holding an egg sack. Ack.

On the way home, we stopped for fruit pies (peach and apple) and a sack full of fresh peaches. Yum.

Christine left me a gnarly evil manny head yesterday. As soon as I find my camera, I will post some pics. She needs a name.

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