Monday, June 29, 2009

Terrariums and other stuff.

So the girls and I made terrariums a few weeks ago. They are still doing great! In fact, we are making a bunch to sell at the Farmer's Market here in town. I ordered some little plastic critters (Big Foots, deer, bunnies) in addition to the handmade mushrooms we made. So the plan is that the terrariums will be $10 and that will include the accessory of your choice. (The big foots are so cool.) They really do make great gifts for anyone and they are so easy to take care of.

The beans have pretty much gone insane. Scott picked around 15 lbs the other day. We have given a bunch away to neighbors and relatives, in addition to eating them with every meal. These are a bush bean, different from the ones we grew last year. They are not nearly as stringy, which is nice. I can pretty much just rinse them off and cook them without having to string them. We've had a few tomatoes and a good bit of squash, as well.

I finally sat down and got some things done on the computer that I had been putting off. One was to get my domain to redirect to my etsy shop. So hooray is up and running. I've also updated my flickr with a bunch of pics. I am still in the process of getting my kid's shop,, up.

Scott turns 40 this month (July 14)! I promised him I would not send a stripper to work or otherwise embarrass him any more than usual. Luckily (insert sarcasm), he has his first furlough day coming up and I've planned for us to go to the Georgia Aquarium. We've never been so it will be fun. I am also planning for us to try and eat somewhere fun, maybe at one of our old faves. Is Tortilla's still open? I'm afraid I wouldn't recognize some of our old stomping grounds. Maybe we'll even show the girls our old house in East Atlanta.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the Garden...

We have about 7 apples on our 3 apple trees.

Our garden.

The girls show just how much they love green beans.
I realize that I duplicated some of the Florida pics. I am trying to upload pics, blog, watch the news, and make mushrooms for our terrariums out of clay.

Our garden is coming along. We have planted green beans, tomatoes, corn, yellow squash, cucumbers, onions, asparagus, pumpkins, potatoes, jalapenos, red bell peppers, eggplant - I think that is everything.


Della Fern at the beach.
This was a state park called DeLeon Springs near Deland. We took an ecohistory boat tour here and saw 4 alligators, 2 limpkins, 4 osprey, a bumch of morehens, and a couple tri-color heron.

Lucy at the beach. Matching bathing suits courtesy of Gramma.

Lucy loved this recumbant bike. We rented these one day and Lucy loved it so much we rented one for her again the next day.
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This was our first family vacation ever. We went to Ormond Beach, where we stayed in the home of Scott's aunt and uncle. They spend their summers in Boone, NC so they were generous enough to let us use their GORGEOUS home. It was truly beautiful, right on the Tomoka River. The girls loved the beach.

OK Scott...I am pretty sure I didn't take this so I wonder how it got on the camera...

Scott driving on the way home. He is growing his beard out, or has he calls it - "Going Gandolf". There is a lot of gray in that beard Old Man!
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