Thursday, August 30, 2007


Its 74 degrees in the house right now. How glorious is that?! Of course, just as soon as our new system was installed, the temps have come out of the low 100s to the high 80s. Oh well.

I bought a sewing pattern yesterday to make the girls some gaucho type pants. I don't know if I am going to use some of the vintage fabric I have or if I will buy something new. Matching pants would be really cute!

I am still hoping to do the Mossy Creek/Meaders Pottery festival on Sept. 8. I need to print out some business cards between now and then for sure. I am hoping to have at least one more piece done by then, but I haven't felt very inspired the last few days.

I am headed to the New Member Social for the Gainesville MOMS Club this morning. Its always fun to meet other new moms. I am bringing the sweet tea!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

They're Heeeeeeeeeere!

The AC guys are here! Apparently, its going to be an all-day job which means I am sort of stuck here all day. That's ok - it will be worth it! Besides, there is no shortage of chores I could be doing.

I also would like to take some pictures of dishcloths today and get them listed on etsy. I would also like to list a few things on ebay. Its not to early to be thinking about Christmas. We will probably get Fern a new baby doll with all the accessories. I don't know about Lulu. We talked about getting her a guinea pig or hamster, but not with her room the way it is. She doesn't really play with toys, so maybe some new clothes and hair stuff?

I really think she is on the verge of reading. She gets a new book at the library ever day. We read it to her once or twice in the evening and then she sits in bed and 'reads' the book to herself. I hope she loves to read as much as we do.

Speaking of reading, I was reading the book about the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. I may give it a few more chapters and if it doesn't pick up, I will move on to something else. Its just very dry. I have 3-4 books on the way from

Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, Monday

The woman who bought the Chicken Pot Pie painting hung it in her laundry room with a painting of a rooster. We joked about the possibilities of the two mating. She and her husband have 4 children, all of whom were adopted from various Asian countries. So, I was inspired to paint this chick piece. She loved it!

Just thought I would also share some pictures of the girls. Fern had some major dental work done about a week ago. There was almost no enamel on her top teeth when they came in, so the dentist put caps on 6 of her top teeth. These teeth were very short and were becoming discolored prior to the procedure. She looks so good now. And she is eating so much better. They must have really been bothering her before. She picked out the outfit with the leg warmers and hat. She looks like a little flygirl. And Lucy, well she is just so beautiful.

I am working on crocheting a wristlet. I've seen them on etsy and I am a little intimidated by the thought of sewing in a liner and a zipper but I need a challenge right now. I am using some thick green wool/acrylic blend yarn. I'll probably make a fabric flower of some type for it. Of course, I will post pics when its done.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Relief is in sight!

Our new AC unit will be installed Tuesday. I cannot wait. In the meantime, my wonderful in-laws loaned us a window unit. Ahhhhhh....

So I am still not making any sales in my etsy shop. I joined two street teams, I've been promoting outside of etsy as well as on etsy. I've participated in the forums and I held a promotional contest. I am really bummed, but I am staying optimistic. I have 84 hearts there, and I am hoping cooler weather will bring in some sales.

My friend Susie asked me to participate in a festival with her September 8. Its held by the Meaders family, the potters who are known for their face jugs. I can't wait! I just wish I had a canopy in case it rains. Susie runs the folk art gallery where I have some stuff. She is very talented and very nice. She will be a hoot to hang with all day!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Meet Voltrina

What are little Martian girls made of? Isn't she cute?

Its still hot as heck here. Relief is in sight, as we get our new AC system installed Tuesday! I can't wait. I am tired of being sweaty.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am melting....

The air conditioner is broken and its going up to 100 degree AGAIN today.

Just wanted to share pics of my new paintings! I am very happy with them. I recently sold my Chicken Pot Pie painting to another mom. These paintings are available in my etsy shop, as well at Aunt Faye's Attic on Cleveland Hwy in Gainesville, up near Quillian's Corner.

Money is so tight. I really need to sell some things. My paintings and crochet are literally piled up around the house. The truck needs a new transmission, we will likely owe more on Fern's teeth, the A/C is shot, Christmas not too far off and on and on and on. Its stressing hubby out so much. :-(

I would like to try some festivals this fall. The other idea is to have some trunk shows or house parties with some other artists.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I told you so...

I cannot keep up with this blog! Between the kids and my etsy shop and other activities (MOMS Club) I just can't do it. I think if I just did text and no pics, it would be a little easier. I really dislike reading blogs with few pics so I feel compelled to include a bunch on my blog. But I have to take them from the camera to the computer. And then open and rename them so I can find them. And then I have to resize them depending on what site they are going. Ugh.

I've got tons of things listed in my shop. I've been doing some painting and I have some very sweet little kids for sale. I also listed a ton of hats and scarves in anticipation of fall. Its funny because I initially created my shop to sell crocheted stuff but the only two real sales I've had are my paintings!

I recently sold another painting to a friend. It was of a chicken pot pie, which was really just a chicken sitting in a pie. It went for $65. I was THRILLED.

Lulu has started school. We had every intent of homeschooling but she needs CONSTANT engagement, constant interaction. She has never been able to entertain herself for more than 5 minutes. So, we heard good things about our local elementary and she is LOVING it. She gets up excited about going and comes home happy. There are a few things I have problems with but I am going to give it time.

I've read so many good books this summer. Currently, I am reading The Kite Runner and it is excellent. I joined and its great! I dislike paying full price for books and I also don't care to keep them when I am done.

The weather here has been unbearable. I cannot stand the heat and I am looking forward to fall!