Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am melting....

The air conditioner is broken and its going up to 100 degree AGAIN today.

Just wanted to share pics of my new paintings! I am very happy with them. I recently sold my Chicken Pot Pie painting to another mom. These paintings are available in my etsy shop, as well at Aunt Faye's Attic on Cleveland Hwy in Gainesville, up near Quillian's Corner.

Money is so tight. I really need to sell some things. My paintings and crochet are literally piled up around the house. The truck needs a new transmission, we will likely owe more on Fern's teeth, the A/C is shot, Christmas not too far off and on and on and on. Its stressing hubby out so much. :-(

I would like to try some festivals this fall. The other idea is to have some trunk shows or house parties with some other artists.

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Mrs A said...

Hi electric- Cute cute cute blog! I'm moving to NYC in 2 weeks, but if you have a trunk show or something else already in the works, I'd love to participate- I REALLY need to get rid of some of these paintings before I move.
-La Sha (loveaboveall)