Monday, March 02, 2009

Thing One and a Bullet Proof Weave

Lulu had to pick a Dr. Seuss character to dress up as for a parade at school. I was trying to lean her toward Daisy Head Maisy or The Foot Book. She had her heart set on Thing 1. Luckily, the costume wasn't too hard to pull together. Scott wanted to get her picture crawling in from the window, because apparently this is what Thing 1 and Thing 1 do. Unfortunately, we didn't have the first Cat in the Hat book to refer too, only the sequel. Still, she looked great and she was the ONLY Thing 1 in the parade.

This morning Della Fern decided she wanted to wear her pink weave. I set her up, added 4 or 12 pink hair bows and a tutu and she was a happy camper.
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