Friday, February 29, 2008

Craft ADHD

After putting down crochet for a while, I have sort of picked it back up again - just a few hats here and there. I listed two and one sold already. Sales have been slow - the economy, the approach of spring, who knows.... I have so many ideas raging forth for hats but I think I will wait and list them after the summer. At some point, I will put all of the hats on sale to clear old old inventory.

I made a market bag last night in shades of light blue, lime, and brown. I am not happy with the straps and I am still working that out. I am wondering if perhaps some knitted i-cord might be the way to go. I've never knitted i-cord but it doesn't look like rocket science.

I was unusually productive with my housewifely duties today. I culled a bunch of the shoes from the baskets at the front door, saving some for Fern and putting others away for summer. After I swept, it looked much improved. I also cleaned the oven. Ok, it is self-cleaning but I had to clean out some grease so as not to burn down the house and then I had to wipe out the ash afterwards.

Tomorrow, I get to go have my massage that I got from Scott for Valentine's Day. I cannot wait. I think it involves hot stones...

I have nothing to read right now. I just finished No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain and it rocked but now I have nothing. I usually get books from but I haven't received anything lately. I might just have to break down and go to the library.

Going outside for a hike with the baby...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Toof Gone!


Lulu has 'lost' another tooth. I say 'lost' because it was actually pulled by the dentist. It had been loose for a while and sort of got stuck sticking out horizontally and on top of the other tooth because the new tooth was coming in behind it. We gave her two weeks but it never came out. It was not a happy scene in the dentist's office but its over with and she looks quite goofy.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008





These are new for 2008. I call them my Spider Web hats. I've sold one so far, which is a little disappointing as this is a completely original design that you will not see anywhere else - unless of course, someone decides to copy it.

I think that is something most folks don't know about my shop. Everything I come up with is original and not from any pattern. I have stuff you just will not see anywhere else. I know I would make more sales if I followed the crowd and made easy to sell stuff but its so much more fun trying to stand out and be original.

I am hitting the gym again today. I have two orders to mail as well. I am in charge of the snack for Lulu's class tomorrow. She asked for grapes and string cheese.

And this weekend, I will be enjoying an hour long hot stone massage courtesy of my darling husband. It was my gift for Valentine's Day. I cannot tell you how much I need it right now.

This morning, I finished up 6 more fairy tiaras. They are really fun to make. The hot glue is killing my fingers though.

If you are reading this:

Bonnie, email me A & L's sizes.

Tammy - I'd be happy to make something for ya!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008






This is called my Phonytail Hat. Is that cute or what? Oh, and a picture of Big D. It was so nice and warm here yesterday that we spent a lot of time outside.
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Monday, February 25, 2008





My poor neglected blog. I knew it would happen. Sigh. Its been since October? Well, for now I will share loads of photos of all of the things I have been making.

I have been making spring and summer items since crocheted hats are sort of a winter item. I will have a table at the local Farmer's Market this summer. It will be full of tiaras, hair bows, art, altered vintage items, and maybe tutus.
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