Friday, February 29, 2008

Craft ADHD

After putting down crochet for a while, I have sort of picked it back up again - just a few hats here and there. I listed two and one sold already. Sales have been slow - the economy, the approach of spring, who knows.... I have so many ideas raging forth for hats but I think I will wait and list them after the summer. At some point, I will put all of the hats on sale to clear old old inventory.

I made a market bag last night in shades of light blue, lime, and brown. I am not happy with the straps and I am still working that out. I am wondering if perhaps some knitted i-cord might be the way to go. I've never knitted i-cord but it doesn't look like rocket science.

I was unusually productive with my housewifely duties today. I culled a bunch of the shoes from the baskets at the front door, saving some for Fern and putting others away for summer. After I swept, it looked much improved. I also cleaned the oven. Ok, it is self-cleaning but I had to clean out some grease so as not to burn down the house and then I had to wipe out the ash afterwards.

Tomorrow, I get to go have my massage that I got from Scott for Valentine's Day. I cannot wait. I think it involves hot stones...

I have nothing to read right now. I just finished No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain and it rocked but now I have nothing. I usually get books from but I haven't received anything lately. I might just have to break down and go to the library.

Going outside for a hike with the baby...

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