Wednesday, February 27, 2008





These are new for 2008. I call them my Spider Web hats. I've sold one so far, which is a little disappointing as this is a completely original design that you will not see anywhere else - unless of course, someone decides to copy it.

I think that is something most folks don't know about my shop. Everything I come up with is original and not from any pattern. I have stuff you just will not see anywhere else. I know I would make more sales if I followed the crowd and made easy to sell stuff but its so much more fun trying to stand out and be original.

I am hitting the gym again today. I have two orders to mail as well. I am in charge of the snack for Lulu's class tomorrow. She asked for grapes and string cheese.

And this weekend, I will be enjoying an hour long hot stone massage courtesy of my darling husband. It was my gift for Valentine's Day. I cannot tell you how much I need it right now.

This morning, I finished up 6 more fairy tiaras. They are really fun to make. The hot glue is killing my fingers though.

If you are reading this:

Bonnie, email me A & L's sizes.

Tammy - I'd be happy to make something for ya!
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