Friday, May 30, 2008

Wild Wookie Stashbuster!

So in light of my supply restriction, I am forced to be extra creative. I started to knit a cowl and got bored so I turned it into a hood. I think I used 20 different yarns. It might be my imagination (or wishful thinking) but I think I can actually see my stash growing smaller.

We had a fun night last night with the MOMS Club of Gainesville. It was a family potluck at Laurel Park. We were supposed to have the Sprayground to ourselves but it was a little chilly for water play. My sweet husband agreed to put on a little talk about bears for the kids for the evening entertainment. I think they enjoyed it. Despite the fact that he hates speaking publicallly, he does so well with the kids.

Its overcast here today. I have a few new projects I am working on - a painting, a vest, some hats. I think I'll drag out paints for the girls too.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am on restriction!

Ok, well its a voluntary restriction. I am not going to buy any craft supplies between May 19 and June 19. During that time, I have to use what I have. (If I get a custom order and need to buy something, I can.) Its forcing me to be quite creative, and to finish some projects that I started.

I have been knitting some amazing scarves and hats. I am using up stash pretty quickly. I have some very, very amazing pieces to list this fall for my 2008 Fall/Winter Collection. Stay tuned...

I am still on the hunt for a dress form. I think it would make a huge difference in my sales if I could photograph my vintage and handmade clothing on a dress form.

School has ended for the year. I was a weepy weepy mess at kindy graduation. I was thrilled to death when Lulu won an award for art. The art teach recognized 6 or so kindy students who showed excellent talent in art and Lulu won! I was so proud.

We are looking to buy a tent soon and hopefully, we can do a LOT of camping this summer.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

JAKES Day and Moccassin Creek

Yesterday, we headed up to Smithgall Woods to attend the Jakes Day by the National Wild Turkey Federation. The girls got to see lots of animals, including snakes, hawks, a owl, and turtles. Lulu and I had pictures take with a Harrison hawk on our heads. Lucy also got to shoot a BB gun. She is obssessed with all things law enforcement lately, including the show Cops. She enjoyed meeting all of the law enforcement guys. Or maybe she just has a thing for men in uniform, just like her mama. Yummers!

After Smithgall, we headed up to Moccassin Creek State Park to do a little fishing. How frustrating it is to see an assload of fish and not catch a single one. Lots of bites, but I think those fish are really saavy. Regardless, it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the view. Lake Burton and Moccassin Creek are two of my favorite places. I would love to spend a week up there camping with the family. You can rent boats, bikes, canoes, kayaks, etc. They have a playground and a kiddie fishing pond. Really, we need a big, big tent and we are set.

Lulu and Scott went to Atlanta today to see a Braves game with his dad and his dad's great-grandson. Its Lulu's first game so I hope they have fun. Of course, Scott wore his Ryan Klesko jersey.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Entertainer of the Year

Our MOMS Club Annual banquet was Tuesday night at the Chattahoochee Country Club. I wasn't going to go but Christine was going and offered to drive. I just hate getting dressed up, mostly because I have no clothes that are stay-at-home-mom stuff and I am too fat for anything super cool.

But I managed to pull something together and go. I ended up receiving the award for Most Entertaining/Funniest Mom. That was really sweet. I also won an auction for 3 hours of babysitting. It never occurred to me to donate something for the auction, say a pretty tutu and tiara or $100 gift certificate to electric bluebird.

I had a wonderful time. I am so lucky to have hooked up with such a great group of moms. I look forward to seeing what the new board plans for the club.

I whipped out my paints and knitting needles again. I needed a change. I haven't decided if I am knitting a scarf or scarflette. The picture is called "Cats Don't Eat Cupcakes".

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The New Addtion!





Scott visited a woman in Lula today who found a baby red-tailed hawk that had fallen out of its nest. Until he can find a rehabber to take it, we are fostering Roscoe. He's very cute, a big ball of fluff. He's been eating ground beef and has a good appetite. The girls are quite taken with him. Scott said maybe he would take up falconry...hahaha.

I am still recovering from my fall from the merry-go-round. I have some lovely bruises. I haven't check youtube yet to see if someone captured my gracefulness.
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Lulu!

We celebrated Lulu's birthday last night. She asked to go to Build-A-Bear and eat Chinese food so we headed down to the Mall of Georgia. She made a pink leopard with an Aurora outfit and she was named Peppermint Rose. Fern made a white kitty and chose a yellow fairy costume and she was named Beebop.

We took a ride on the merry-go-round. I made the mistake of riding with Lulu in the spinning bucket. As she twirled the bucket faster and faster, I was sure I was going to either throw up or pass out. I made the stupid decision to get up and exit the bucket and was subsequently was flung off the ride and onto the floor. The ride was still going just inches from me and I was afraid my foot or hand or piece of clothing would get entrapped. The ride finally stopped and I was helped up. I am quite sore and bruised this morning, particularly on my right side.

Kids, let that be a lesson for you. Do not move about the ride while it is in motion.

I added this new visor to the shop last night, inspired by birthday cake:

I will be adding more of these once I get my yoyos from

Monday, May 05, 2008

Cupcakes and Jam



Half pints and pints of wonderful strawberry jam. Unfortunately, the first batch wasn't quite as mixed as I would like. Scott mashed the berries extra well for the second batch and we cooked it a little longer.

These are the cupcakes Lulu is taking to school in the morning. For some reason, she finds great delight in making the boys eat pink frosted cupcakes with Ariel on them. Tee hee hee!
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Its hard to believe my baby is 6. We had a nice visit with Scott's mom and step-dad and aunt this weekend. There was much princess stuff involved. And tractor rides. We caught a couple of nice bass and a few brim. It was a beautiful day.

We've made cupcakes to share with Lulu's class tomorrow. (Bonnie, do not read any further.) They are from a Funfetti mix with pink frosting and purple sprinkles. Oh, in Ariel paper cups. I know - I hang my head in shame.
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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh Canada! And Strawberry Jam


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How funny to see so many cars around town with Canadian license plates! I even ran in to the ones in the pictures several times. Turns out that the Canadian canoe/kayak team is having some sort of event at the Clarks Bridge Olympic Venue dow the road from us. Of course, my uncle Doug McKown is a world-reknowned Canadian canoe and kayak sensei and the author of several books on the subject.

We finally managed to go strawberry picking today. It rained the whole way there but it stopped just long enough for us to pick strawberries at a place outside Dahlonega. They were tasty. Oops! I guess its a good thing they didn't weigh us before and after picking! We will be making jam tonight.

Friday, May 02, 2008

'Coon in a Bucket!

Ewwwww. So there have been 18 confirmed cases of rabies in Hall County in the last few months. Last week, we noticed a dead raccoon in the creek. Yesterday, as I walked around our property I just about tripped over yet another dead raccoon. Did I mention it was right near the playset? Argh! So I tossed an old litter box over it so the dogs wouldn't mess with it.

Scott came home and tossed it into a 5-gallon plastic bucket and we made endless jokes about raccoon - its what's for dinner, raccoon helper, raccoon - the other white meat and so on. I will be walking around the yard with a heavy object from now on.

Scott's mom and step-dad finally listed Nana's place. If you have $1.7 million and want a very special place, check it out: Its sad to see it up for sale. I have so many wonderful memories there, especially when Scott and I were first dating: tractor rides up the mountain, rowdy parties, hallucinating a talking jack rabbit in the pasture, lots of fishing, and on and on. I know the rest of the family has special memories there as well.