Friday, May 02, 2008

'Coon in a Bucket!

Ewwwww. So there have been 18 confirmed cases of rabies in Hall County in the last few months. Last week, we noticed a dead raccoon in the creek. Yesterday, as I walked around our property I just about tripped over yet another dead raccoon. Did I mention it was right near the playset? Argh! So I tossed an old litter box over it so the dogs wouldn't mess with it.

Scott came home and tossed it into a 5-gallon plastic bucket and we made endless jokes about raccoon - its what's for dinner, raccoon helper, raccoon - the other white meat and so on. I will be walking around the yard with a heavy object from now on.

Scott's mom and step-dad finally listed Nana's place. If you have $1.7 million and want a very special place, check it out: Its sad to see it up for sale. I have so many wonderful memories there, especially when Scott and I were first dating: tractor rides up the mountain, rowdy parties, hallucinating a talking jack rabbit in the pasture, lots of fishing, and on and on. I know the rest of the family has special memories there as well.

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