Friday, May 30, 2008

Wild Wookie Stashbuster!

So in light of my supply restriction, I am forced to be extra creative. I started to knit a cowl and got bored so I turned it into a hood. I think I used 20 different yarns. It might be my imagination (or wishful thinking) but I think I can actually see my stash growing smaller.

We had a fun night last night with the MOMS Club of Gainesville. It was a family potluck at Laurel Park. We were supposed to have the Sprayground to ourselves but it was a little chilly for water play. My sweet husband agreed to put on a little talk about bears for the kids for the evening entertainment. I think they enjoyed it. Despite the fact that he hates speaking publicallly, he does so well with the kids.

Its overcast here today. I have a few new projects I am working on - a painting, a vest, some hats. I think I'll drag out paints for the girls too.

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