Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am on restriction!

Ok, well its a voluntary restriction. I am not going to buy any craft supplies between May 19 and June 19. During that time, I have to use what I have. (If I get a custom order and need to buy something, I can.) Its forcing me to be quite creative, and to finish some projects that I started.

I have been knitting some amazing scarves and hats. I am using up stash pretty quickly. I have some very, very amazing pieces to list this fall for my 2008 Fall/Winter Collection. Stay tuned...

I am still on the hunt for a dress form. I think it would make a huge difference in my sales if I could photograph my vintage and handmade clothing on a dress form.

School has ended for the year. I was a weepy weepy mess at kindy graduation. I was thrilled to death when Lulu won an award for art. The art teach recognized 6 or so kindy students who showed excellent talent in art and Lulu won! I was so proud.

We are looking to buy a tent soon and hopefully, we can do a LOT of camping this summer.

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Karen said...

WTG, Lulu! That's awesome, Merrill!

We still have until mid-June until the end of school here.