Monday, June 04, 2007

Stash Re-Org and Summer Reading Challenge

This was my big project this weekend. My yarn stash was a big old mess. I re-organized, frogged some long-forgotten projects, and filled 2 kitchen trash bags with tangled yarn, odd skeins, and bits and bobs. I listed it on craigslist for free and someone is picking it up today.

I've participated in the Reading Group on Storknet for many years now. Recently, I came up with the idea for a summer reading challenge. We've got lots of participants, and each person has set an individual goal of the number of books they will read this summer. I plan to try and read 20. The Challenge started on Memorial Day and will end on Labor Day.

I generally read at least a book a week - sometimes more. I mostly read while nursing Fern laying down in bed or at night before I go to sleep. I love non-fiction but I am pretty picky about fiction. I've finished 3 books since the Challenge started!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A new focus!

Well, after much research and soul-searching, I have decided to put my ebay sales on the back-burner and concentrate on selling my handmade things. I am determined to make some sales. After lurking and posting in the etsy forums, I have a renewed sense of direction. I need to start doing some promotion, most listing, and some learning. I have received excellent feedback regarding my inventory so I think that more promotion and more stock is the way to proceed.

I've been making more hats lately since I sold just about all I had last season. I have about 8 done. I will try and list one every other day or so once I get some good pictures.

I still need a logo. I have been doodling and I still cannot come up with anything I like.

Hubby gave me some much needed alone time yesterday. He took the girls to bass Pro Shop for some kiddie event. They were actually gone for about 5 hours, which is a lot for Fern. Apparently, she did very well considering she is still nursing.

I cannot believe its June already.