Monday, June 04, 2007

Stash Re-Org and Summer Reading Challenge

This was my big project this weekend. My yarn stash was a big old mess. I re-organized, frogged some long-forgotten projects, and filled 2 kitchen trash bags with tangled yarn, odd skeins, and bits and bobs. I listed it on craigslist for free and someone is picking it up today.

I've participated in the Reading Group on Storknet for many years now. Recently, I came up with the idea for a summer reading challenge. We've got lots of participants, and each person has set an individual goal of the number of books they will read this summer. I plan to try and read 20. The Challenge started on Memorial Day and will end on Labor Day.

I generally read at least a book a week - sometimes more. I mostly read while nursing Fern laying down in bed or at night before I go to sleep. I love non-fiction but I am pretty picky about fiction. I've finished 3 books since the Challenge started!


Lucy said...

I received your "junk" swap box, and I just wanted to thank you so much for all the goodies. I had such fun looking through everything and I am about to finish a post with pictures. I can't wait to dive in all the drawing books! Ds says thank you for the comics!

Thank you again, I am greatful for your gifts and will put them to good use :)


Brockeim said...

Reading clubs are a great thing. I'm in two, and have found them each encouraging for me as a reader and as a writer. Getting in with the right group of people has been the dofficulty up until now... ones who read ahead, have intelligent discussion, and show up on time. Not as simple as first hoped, but now, all is good.

Try joining the book reviewers discussion board, too. Lots of well-read people talking up the wonders of reading.

Books are good food. Wash them down with coffee.

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