Saturday, August 18, 2007

I told you so...

I cannot keep up with this blog! Between the kids and my etsy shop and other activities (MOMS Club) I just can't do it. I think if I just did text and no pics, it would be a little easier. I really dislike reading blogs with few pics so I feel compelled to include a bunch on my blog. But I have to take them from the camera to the computer. And then open and rename them so I can find them. And then I have to resize them depending on what site they are going. Ugh.

I've got tons of things listed in my shop. I've been doing some painting and I have some very sweet little kids for sale. I also listed a ton of hats and scarves in anticipation of fall. Its funny because I initially created my shop to sell crocheted stuff but the only two real sales I've had are my paintings!

I recently sold another painting to a friend. It was of a chicken pot pie, which was really just a chicken sitting in a pie. It went for $65. I was THRILLED.

Lulu has started school. We had every intent of homeschooling but she needs CONSTANT engagement, constant interaction. She has never been able to entertain herself for more than 5 minutes. So, we heard good things about our local elementary and she is LOVING it. She gets up excited about going and comes home happy. There are a few things I have problems with but I am going to give it time.

I've read so many good books this summer. Currently, I am reading The Kite Runner and it is excellent. I joined and its great! I dislike paying full price for books and I also don't care to keep them when I am done.

The weather here has been unbearable. I cannot stand the heat and I am looking forward to fall!


Frogmorest said...

I was the same way with Maddy. I had every intention of homeschooling her but she needed every single second of my time. She LOVED kindy and her teacher and I don't regret that decision at all.

Karen said...

Any pictures of the gourds?

Glad Lulu is liking school!