Sunday, August 26, 2007

Relief is in sight!

Our new AC unit will be installed Tuesday. I cannot wait. In the meantime, my wonderful in-laws loaned us a window unit. Ahhhhhh....

So I am still not making any sales in my etsy shop. I joined two street teams, I've been promoting outside of etsy as well as on etsy. I've participated in the forums and I held a promotional contest. I am really bummed, but I am staying optimistic. I have 84 hearts there, and I am hoping cooler weather will bring in some sales.

My friend Susie asked me to participate in a festival with her September 8. Its held by the Meaders family, the potters who are known for their face jugs. I can't wait! I just wish I had a canopy in case it rains. Susie runs the folk art gallery where I have some stuff. She is very talented and very nice. She will be a hoot to hang with all day!

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