Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Fall Excursion of 2009

Reverse order because I can't figure out Blogger. This is Jaemor Farms, which is just up 365/985, not too far from us.
This was taken on our hayride. The pumpkins are looking fine!

Della on the hayride.

Lucy and Daddy on the hayride.

Another view of the farms. Reminds me of France in some ways.

We did the mini-corn maze and you had to dip your fingers in the paint stations, one color on each finger. Your pattern determined your forture. This was Scott's.

This could not have been more appropriate for Della.

This was Lucy's.

This was mine.

We had a nice time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The flu has found us.

Just after we all got over a nasty cold, Lu has come down with the flu. Not sure what kind (Type A or swine) but it doesn't really matter. Poor baby girl. She's down for the count.

I've been dyeing a lot of slips lately. I am trying to get good and stocked for the holidays. I've also started listing some hats. I am also making some wreaths to take up the the gallery. I found 4 wreath forms at a yard sale and Lord knows I have enough stuff to whip up some pretty holiday things.

Last year, I made a bunch of "Lipstick on a Pig" ornaments and I still have some that didn't sell. If I can re-work them and get the lipstick off, they will become Swine '09 ornaments.

Hunting season is here and Scott will have some wonky hours. But that also means its soup season and I am looking forward to getting my soup on.

What a mess here in Atlanta with all of this rain. According to our rain gauge, we got 13 inches over a week. Our creek didn't get near the bank, which I think is a benefit of having a big hole (Lake Lanier) for it to drain into.

But wow....all of the pictures sure do bring back memories of the floods in S. Georgia in 1994 - the brown much, the water lines, the piles of garbage outside homes. I will have to scan some photos. That is also when Scott and I started dating. We worked together but didn't know each other well. We were sent down as a "disaster team" to work in a disaster center and to help people clean their water wells. The man had me laughing my ass of on the drive down. I pretty much knew then I was going to marry him.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Well, the bad news is that Malcolm's time with us has come to an end. I finally found his owner's via Craigslist. I had been searching CL, the local papers and daily since we got him. And while I had been searching Lost & Found on CL, I didn't know there was a separate section for Pets. Yesterday, I found the listing there. Turns out his owners miss him and were quite distraught about his disappearance. His name is actually Spike and he is just 5 years old. He's quite large for being so young.
We've all enjoyed our time with Spike/Malcolm but I am very happy that he is loved and missed and will be reunited with his owners. I know they will be happy too. We looked at the address of his home and where was found on mapquest. Looks like he managed to travel 1/2 mile away from home over the two days between the time he left and the time Scott picked him up. That is quite a distance!
So long Spike/Malcolm! We sure enjoyed our time with you.

Friday, September 04, 2009

And more pictures.

Jumping on the trampoline.
Lucy models her first day outfit. Della has the same shirt in her size because I am a dork like that.

More trampoline fun.

Lucy wasn't so fond of Malcolm at first but she's come around. Fun story about this picture. Lucy kept saying, "I smell poop." Well, I looked all around her and couldn't find it. I said maybe one of the dogs pooped outside the fence.
Turned out she was sitting in it. Ewwwwww.

More pictures.

This is me, tarted up with make-up like a French whore for Mom's Night Out.

This is Scott, none too happy that Lucy is taking his photo. I adore my lime green kitchen (and my adorable grizzly man hunk of a hubby.)

Obligatory photo of Malcolm. He is still doing well. He loves our weeds, bok choy, and collards.

Our MOMS Club did a field trip to the local Humane Society and Della got to walk a dog. I think this is about 2 seconds before she stepped in a pile of dog crap. She did enjoy walking her puppy though!
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