Tuesday, August 28, 2007

They're Heeeeeeeeeere!

The AC guys are here! Apparently, its going to be an all-day job which means I am sort of stuck here all day. That's ok - it will be worth it! Besides, there is no shortage of chores I could be doing.

I also would like to take some pictures of dishcloths today and get them listed on etsy. I would also like to list a few things on ebay. Its not to early to be thinking about Christmas. We will probably get Fern a new baby doll with all the accessories. I don't know about Lulu. We talked about getting her a guinea pig or hamster, but not with her room the way it is. She doesn't really play with toys, so maybe some new clothes and hair stuff?

I really think she is on the verge of reading. She gets a new book at the library ever day. We read it to her once or twice in the evening and then she sits in bed and 'reads' the book to herself. I hope she loves to read as much as we do.

Speaking of reading, I was reading the book about the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. I may give it a few more chapters and if it doesn't pick up, I will move on to something else. Its just very dry. I have 3-4 books on the way from www.paperbackswap.com.

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