Sunday, June 01, 2008

Locks of Love Donation!


I took the girls to get their summer haircuts yesterday. Lulu and I talked about donating her hair to Locks of Love a few times of the last few months. At first she wanted to do it since her penpal also did it. Then, she changed her mind. Well yesterday, she decided she wanted to donate her hair. So the folks at Great Clips did their thing and Lulu was able to donate 4 10" long ponytails of gorgeous hair. I am very proud of her.

In bluebird news, we currently have one box with 4 eggs and a second box with 3 eggs last time we checked. We fledged 5 birds a few weeks ago before adding the second box. We think we have enough room for a couple more boxes.

I have made some nice sales lately through the shop. I woke this morning to see that I sold my pink and black gardening visor. Hooray! It was very cute.

I am furiously trying to keep up with spring and summer stock while also making new items for my fall collection of hats and scarves. I have some really interesting things in the works. Stay tuned!
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Joy De Vivre Design said...

That is such a wonderful lesson for your daughter to learn about giving to others.

Karen said...


I think it's really cool that you did Locks of Love! I like your hair. I'll write you a letter soon!