Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Well, so much for big plans. Fern felt hot last night and woke up with a pretty high fever of 102.6 under the arm. She threw up once (all over me - hey, at least it wasn't dad). Her fever has sort of come and gone all day, but no more puking and a whole lot of nursing. At least I know she is hydrated.

We gave Scott his gifts: a half-pint of Jim Beam, a bar of Pabst Blue Ribbon Soap, a new rain gauge, and some scratch-off tickets. We had previously given him a hoe. He took Lulu to the pool this afternoon.

This evening, its hot wings, cole slaw and homemade ice cream with peaches.

Yesterday, we noticed a few fruit trees near the road on the way to the house. Turns out they are sugar pears and damson plums. Scott and Lulu went and got permission from the folks to pick them. Lulu and I picked a few plums last night but we need to go back with a ladder. Its going to make the BEST jam. The pears aren't quite ready but we will be back when they are!

The shop is going well. I've sold quite a bit lately, even hats and scarves.

Speaking of crochet, I am working on a HUGE AFGHAN. Pics tomorrow.

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