Friday, June 27, 2008

Its Friday!

Woo hoo!

To answer Karen, I did ok at the EIllijay Market. I sold one painting but I did get to pass out some business cards and got a lot of compliments on my stuff. I will be back at the Hall Co. Market this weekend.

So I rescued a 6 foot blow mold Santa from the neighbor's dumpster, as well as a foot stool and a double head board. I am in the process of repainting the Santa. Lulu has taken the foot stool and is rehabbing it for a table for her bracelets at the Market. I have primed the headboard and will be painting it white and sage with magnolias.

I've made a few other art pieces lately:


bonnie said...

awesome i love the antler.
i wonder if ernie would let me art his up?

Merrill said...

Just tie bows on them.

Tell him to call Scott more often!