Monday, June 09, 2008

An Addiction to Handmade Soap

Between my friend who makes goat's milk soap and all of the soapers on etsy, I have become addicted to handmade soap. Commercial soap is really nothing more than a harsh detergent with the glycerin removed. The handmade soaps are so much nicer. Today, I placed an order from He has lovely soaps, and recently quit his real job to pursue his soaping full time!

I purchased tangerine bergamot, peppermint oatmeal, pomegranate olive oil, lavender fields (I love lavender), the poor man's beer soap (for Scott for Father's Day), and some lotion in a Blackberry Amber scent.

Bath and body items are probably my favorite things to purchase on etsy. I have a a few soapers like Dennis and Hiromi ( that I purchase from regularly, but I also have a long list of shops that I will try in the future eventually. Really, once you use handmade soap, you cannot go back to the store crap.

The girls and I ended up going to IKEA today. All of our kitchen chairs are old and broken so I picked up 4 Herman chairs. I got a few new towels, some potholders, scissors, and a beach tote. I put the girls in the childcare there and they had a blast. I enjoyed a little peace and quiet as I tried every chair IKEA had to offer. I really liked the clear ones but they were $90 each.

I've got to get back into the gym again. I've been lazy of late and I gained back the 12 lbs I lost. I have a raging ear inner infection that makes me dizzy, so hopefully this antibiotic will do the trick. There is no denying that I will have to have surgery eventually to get rid of these chronic ear infections. Ugh.

The garden is coming along. We had our first harvest on Sunday. I harvested the Swiss chard, and sauteed it with some garlic and olive oil. Lulu loves it, Fern not so much. We do have one red tomato and a few green ones. The beans are coming along too. We cut down the size of the garden a little this year so hopefully we can keep up with picking.

Pretty soon, it will be blueberry picking time and we will make jam. When peaches come in, we'll do preserves. They make lovely Christmas gifts and its fun to do together.

Speaking of family time, we are on the lookout for a big tent, like an 8 person tent. Yes, we are only 4 but I am very claustrophobic and need the extra room. We are so looking forward to taking the girls camping at some point this summer.

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