Friday, September 05, 2008

The Lake Lanier alligator has been captured!!!

Scott got a call last night about 7:30 that a Gainesville resident had an alligator in their backyard. Scott wasn't feeling well but the guy on call lives north of Blairsville, and he knew there was a very good chance this was the alligator he'd been chasing for the last few months.

Well, he caught it!! And it looks like the infamous Lake Lanier gator.

He was so glad to finally nab this thing and be done with it.

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Sondra said...

May we have Scott's autograph?
The kids thought this was soooo cool that he caught a gator. We read the post and then click to the newspaper article...the excitement was building, a gator, the search, the fight, the capture…then I hear, "that's it???, it's so small, it's not anything like the crocodile hunter?" Was so funny!
But really, that was cool! I'm jealous again, your man can wrestle!