Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poppies Dress



Oh, this dress is killing me. She is gorgeous but aye aye aye. First, Lulu threw a freshly painted balloon at me while I was working on so it has a dribble of lime green poster paint on the side. Then, I discovered that something had mysteriously eroded the dye on the side in patches.

I have spend hours upon hours beading this thing. There are two rows of beads around all of the edges and then one row around the bodice. The poppies were appliqued and the sequins were all hand-stitched and the veins were embroidered. Right now, I can either dip dye the skirt or just re-dye the whole thing. Re-dyeing the whole thing is very scary. I am hoping to get $125 for the dress when its all said and done.

I've started to list my hair clips and I have a boutique in Chicago interested in a wholesale order. I am going to be one busy beaver.
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Alexis Jacobs said...

This dress is amazing Lunchie. Sounds like your business is really doing well. Good luck with the biz in Chicago!