Monday, September 01, 2008

Good-Bye Summer!

Yesterday was the official end to the garden. Scott mowed it and then tilled it under. I think he has plans for some lettuce when the weather cools down some. Its a lot of work for him (planting, weeding, dealing with pests) but its a lot of work for me too trying to pick it and cook it all or can it, trying not to waste food. I actually had to buy a tomato last night, which about killed me after such a bumper crop. He actually left a couple cherry tomato plants so we have some for salad.

Today is Labor Day. Not sure what we will do. We had a wonderful time at the new Francis Meadows Aquatic Center on Saturday. It has a great water park and the kids had a blast. Tubing is also an option - with all of the recent rain, we won't drag our butts.

I have been hand-beading and hand-dyeing some vintage slips. I managed to find some L and XL slips so I am excited to get those finished and added to the shop.

In yarn news, I hit Hobby Lobby Friday and picked up some interesting yarns. I really want to get about 200 items in my shop in time for the holidays.

Oooooh... Scott has made panacakes! Breakfast is on the table!

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