Friday, July 11, 2008

Prairiepolitan Flap Hat

Probably one of the prettiest hats I've made in a while. This style will make up part of my fall collection. I will have loads of unique designs like this.

In bluebird news, I am happy to report that we now have 2 eggs in the Pinkie nest! I guess he finally managed to talk a female into a mid-summer fling. The four eggs in Rainbow nest are still there and are being tending to by their parents. I still want Scott to build some sort of predator guard so that these babies stay safe.

I had great fun last night with the MOMS Club of Gainesville at the MOMS Night Out. We met at another member's beautiful home for Bunco. I had never played before but my BFF Christine is apparently the game type like me and talked me into going. We had a blast and I can totally see joining up with a group to play more regularly. There is absolutely no skill involved but it was fun to rotate tables and visit with some of the other moms that I don't see very often.

Nothing exciting planned for today except cleaning. And maybe casting on for a new hat....

Scott's birthday is Monday and we plan to bake a cake, buy him a new machete, and take him tubing, along with dinner at his fave place, Sonic. Chili cheese my friend!

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