Sunday, July 13, 2008

Clumsy Mama

As part of Scott's birthday present, I decided to mow the lawn yesterday while he took the girls off swimming. While I was mowing, something stung me on the back. I thought to quickly disengage the blade but then I have no idea what happened because the mower stopped and lurched and I went flying backwards off the back. I landed on my hip and elbow. I am quite sore this morning, especially my elbow and neck. Coupled with my fall from the moving carousel a few weeks ago and I am one clumsy mama. Scott says I have always been this way and that it is not a new thing.

We had planned to go tubing today in Helen but rain is moving in so it looks like we will go tomorrow. With the recent rain, I think it will be fun with minimal butt dragging on the river bottom.

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