Friday, July 25, 2008

Apples and Bluebirds

The night before last, we picked apples at a neighbor's house. It was great fun and the girls took their baseball mitts as Daddy used a long tree pruner to pick the best ones from the very top of the tree. There were gorgeous and tart.

So last night, we peeled them and made applesauce. The girls LOVE applesauce. I managed to skin a finger and cut my thumb in the process. (I am not clumsy, I swear!) We ended up with 7 quarts and 2 pints of applesauce. We gave one pint to the couple who owns the apple tree.

We usually pay $4 at least for a big jar of store brand applesauce. So for the price of the sugar and cinnamon and the labor less the cost of the fun, we have a bargain!

Sad news to report on the bluebird front. A predator has wiped out Pinkie nest. I do smell the faint aroma of a skunk outside this morning, but I am not sure if skunks would raid a nest. However, the two babies are still doing well in Rainbow, although that third egg has still not hatched. I do see them laying all over and around it. Its pretty cute.

I've been painting a few more tote bags, this time with the traditional Russian nesting dolls called matryoshka. They are really fun to paint.

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