Sunday, March 30, 2008



So here is the least fugly picture of me I could find. It was taken yesterday on the way back from running errands. I am wearing my Shredlocks, which is a new product I am working on for the shop. They are hair falls made of vintage items. I still have a few kinks to work out...

Its freezing here today. We are going to attempt to go to a sheep shearing at Wauka Valley Farm. Its been raining too so its muddy. Doesn't look favorable for a day of outdoor family fun.

Last night, we participated in the one hour no-light deal. We built a HUGE bonfire down by the creek and had a nice time. The creek was a big reason we picked this house. Its fun for the kids and fun for us too.

Got my mammogram results back and it was positive for boobies. lol Seriously, I got the all clear. That was a big relief. Still waiting on cholesterol and thyroid.

I am hoping to get some vintage stuff listed today. Ugh.
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