Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I coined a new term today. I had to. I had to find the word to describe Scramble on Facebook. Its like Boggle. I can hardly tear myself off the freaking computer. My neck and arms hurt. In a sentence?

"Scramble on Facebook is methcrack - its that addictive."

In other news, I am about to lose it with trying to get my new slips photographed. Its been too windy or wet for a week now. I need a dress form or manny in the worst way. Its really the only way I am going to get the best pictures.

I actually dragged out the hooks and I am making a new hat. I can only describe this new yarn as bloody intestines. Its really soft, but it does look like bloody veiny intestines. Monster Crochet would love it.

And I have actually lost 10 lbs. according to the scale at the gym. I think giving up alcohol during the week, working out almost daily (sometimes 2x a day) and watching my food has paid off. I had to ask and make sure they didn't mess with the scale as part of some cruel April Fool's joke.

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