Monday, April 21, 2008

Stabby McCatfish and Other Fun Stuff

The girls and I spent the weekend with my parents at Lake Oconee. The weather was wonderful. We managed to get in a boat ride, a Jet Ski ride for Lulu, and canoe ride for Fern and I. We came home in one piece but just barely. Fern fell at the park and got a big fat lip. I fell out of the hammock while snuggling with Lulu.

I suffered several jabs to the hand from the 15 catfish I caught with the girls. That was a lot of fun. The girls were very impressed with their mother. (To her credit, Lulu landed about 5 of them.) Oh, and I managed not to gut hook a single one. All were released safely!

Yesterday we took the girls up to the river at Lula Bridge. We thought we would be able to cross at a low spot since the water has been down so we could look for pottery pieces on the less-traveled shore. However, it was just too deep. But we found a nice sandy beach and the girls had their sand toys. We saw deer and turkey tracks, but no pottery this trip. It was quite a nice quiet spot. Next time we will bring a picnic and our fishing gear.

So Scott enjoyed his 2 days of bachelorhood. I came home to a nice and tidy house that was destroyed within about 4 hours, and a husband who enjoyed his break from us. I have to admit that I am looking forward to some 'me time' when Fern finally weans.

I've marked all of my hats down to $15 or less in my shop. I sold a slip and a hat today too!

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