Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brand Spanking New!

I found some hair combs at Hobby Lobby today for 15 cents and thought I would give them a try. I love them! I made Lolligoth and then a second one but it walked off on the head of a child and has not been seen since. I am having so much fun making these things. Its a nice change from the hats. I am sure between now and the fall, I will be inspired to bring the yarn out again.

I spent tonight making violet and lilac colored polymer clay flowers. I would love to try and make some other things with the clay, expand my horizons a bit. I poked around etsy today and was just blown away at all of the things folks do with this stuff.

I have absolutely nothing to read right now. I must have started 5 books and cannot get into any of them. I think I might head to the library tomorrow. Its actually painful not to have something to read.

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