Thursday, March 27, 2008

Forget the Calgon, Jack Daniels - please take me away!

Good grief, I am not sure if its the full moon or what but my kids are insane. And they are driving me insane. They can't seem to go more than 5 minutes without one whining or screaming or complaining or being sassy. When they play well together, its like the angels are singing but that is so rare.

I scored big today with the vintage slips. I managed to buy 17 total. Now, I just have to buy some more dye. I definitely want to do more green and orange, maybe some purple too. The Tart slip sold, as did the brownie one.

I have a few chicken paintings that I did on old cookie sheets. Those will go up soon on electricbluebird. With any luck, I can get my vintage stuff photographed and get up and running with vintage and destash.

I really, really need a vacation. We haven't had one as a family ever. A long weekend at the beach would be soooo nice.

Ah, Daddy is home. The girls are watching a Care Bears movie. I need to rustle up the grub - egg salad sammies and apple slices and herbal iced tea. Easy cheesy.

Did I mention I married a clown? lol

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