Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Google Eyes and Hats Galore

So I have had this obsession with google eyes of late. It all started when I found a vintage google eye in a jar of vintage buttons I purchased at an estate sale. I used it to create my first Monster Eye Hat. I subsequently created a line of Monster Eye Hats using a really yummy chunky yarn and I named them after Greek female monsters and mermaids.

When I couldn't satisfy my google eye lust with Wal-Mart, I searched ebay and purchased 3 packs of 155 assorted google eyes each. Honestly, it wasn't as many as I thought it would be but it was enough to create the Spy Bag.

And so now I am on the prowl for my next google eye victim.

Sales on etsy have been a little slow of late. One can only hope that folks are gearing up for some big holiday shopping. I did have my first wholesale order. I shipped them off yesterday and I hope they are well-received.

I did take a couple of new paintings up to the gallery. They are not currently listed on etsy but they are based on an ACEO I did. One is on the canvas formally known as Chicken a la Larry King and the other is one a scrap of wood Scott found:


Katie said...

Love the bag!

& those painted girls are adorable!


Liz said...

love the pic at the bottom, its funny because I saw your bag on etsy today. is it on the showcase?

bonnie said...

blog more please:0)