Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall is here!

I still don't have the hang of pictures on this thing but the Picasa program I downloaded from google makes it so much easier to upload a batch of pictures to my blog. I highly recommend this program!

I've added several pictures of the girls. I cannot believe how fast they are growing up. They are a couple of goofballs.

Scott and I processed the muscadines last night and with the exception of the exploding jelly bag that flung purple pulp all over the kitchen, it went well. We now have 16 cups of juice, which will make 32 small jars of jelly. I found a package of Certo in the box of canning supplies from Nana's house but its dated 1989 so I think I will splurge on some fresh.

Yesterday, I received my order from SugarLips ( OMG how decadent. The Brown Sugar and Fig vegan deodorant smells good enough to eat. I also got some body butter samples and a couple perfumes. I think the Chinatown perfume is my favorite. It really smells 'right' on me. It has just enough patchouli to remind me of my youth but with some floral and citrus notes to update it. I love the Olive Blossom too. Hilary has the very best customer service and I am already planning my next order since I got a coupon for 10% off. It will probably include a Brown Sugar and Fig perfume and an Olive Blossom perfume for sure. The body butters are to die for and have made my skin sooo soft. I cannot recommend her stuff enough!

The other day I was, ummmm 'shopping' the trash heaps in town and came across 3 awesome pieces of wood from an old bed. I came home and painted them up with a Christmas theme. I hope to post pics this afternoon. They will be on sale at Aunt Faye's Attic - they are too odd to ship easily.

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