Monday, October 08, 2007

Festival Mania!

What a wonderful weekend! I shared a booth with two friends at the 2007 Turning and Burning Festival in Gillsville, Georgia. This festival celebrates the pottery of the Hewell Family. My friend Christine makes goat's milk soap ( and my friend Tina is a spinner and knitter. I was sort of the wacky tagalong with the funky stuff. We had a blast! I sold some hats and scarves, a few dishcloths, some magnets and a painting. Our booth looked wonderful. It was fun talking to folks and people watching. Scott brought the girls up and they got to ride the ponies - always a hit.

Yesterday, we took the girls to Suches, Georgia for the Indian Summer Festival at the Woody Gap School. This is apparently the smallest public school in Georgia. Lulu got to hit a teenager in the face with a pie as part of a fundraiser. She also got to to the bungee jump. Lulu and I bought some homemade lip balms made with local beeswax and Scott bought 2 lbs of local sourwood honey. We had a great time.

I am working on some new stuff for the shop, mostly scarflettes. I need a neck (real or not) to photo them on. I am also working on a top secret project that is sure to be a big seller on etsy.
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