Monday, November 17, 2008

Tattoo Sketch

I've been sketching my next tattoo. Basically, it will be a pin-up style girl sitting on a ball of yarn. (The ball of yarn will cover the crapping rabbit currently on my ankle.) She will have a paintbrush in her right hand, painting the word "crafty" in a pretty cursive script. In her left hand, a crochet hook. Above her left shoulder will be a flying bluebird (my shop is called electricbluebird). The end of the yarn will be left so that I can add to it in the future. She will have reddish brown hair with bangs (like me) and a cocked left eyebrow (I do this all the time). She will be wearing a vintage slip (I embellish them and sell them in my shop). She will be curvy but not too busty (a departure there - finally I get my breast reduction lol). I would also love to have the girls names added to the back of my neck but that might have to wait. Hopefully, I'll have it started this week!
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Kimmber said...

Love it, and love that you are designing it.

bonnie said...

can't wait to see it~ sounds very cool.