Monday, November 17, 2008

Just pics really.

Tonight's dinner. I took the sauce left over from the pasta last night that had a ton of Italian sausage and peppers and onions and I added instant brown rice. I stuffed the peppers with it and topped with diced tomatoes. Yumola. A salad with a homemade creamy garlic Italian dressing rounded out the meal.

My new spice rack courtesy of my in-laws. I really needed this as all my spices were woefully old and I had been meaning to replace them. How embarassing for a foodie. Very chic rack.

I found these in the middle of the road. I actually had a rubber pair of these on the truck. These are hanging from my kitchen window.

I listed a ton of new stock tonight. And I picked the only blurry pic to list here. Blame it on the cab sauv.
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Alexis Jacobs said...

Okay I am coming to your house for supper. YUM!!