Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blue Beards and Jean Purses

Yesterday, Miss Della Fern was painting with watercolors. Apparently aware of a momentary lapse in her supervision, she seized the opportunity to paint a moustache and beard of blue.

She is modelling her new jean purse. The other night, it was just us girls at home so we broke out the fake jewels, the crazy trims and satin ribbon. DF chose her usual blue scheme and Sissy opted for a mix of colors. These purses have been around for ages but it was a fun way to recycle some old jeans and do a totally girly craft. See, this is what Daddy misses out on.

We all currently have silver glitter shoes. I have this completely dorky need to see that us three girls have at least one matching pair of shoes. It started with the hot pink Crocs two years ago... I couldn't talk Dada into pink Crocs and he assures me that Georgia Boots do not come in silver glitter. I approached him with my hot glue gun, my Bedazzler and some glitter and he promptly told me to back away slowly...
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