Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rapture Marionette is Complete!

This is the art doll I have been working on for the last two days. I am thrilled with how she turned out. I don't know what she is really but I am pleased. I still have to make the stand using some old lumber but I don't trust myself around power tools so I will design it and let Scott make it. You can't see her hands but they are silver hand charms that say 'handmade' on them, and they are suspended from split rings from some wire around her wrists. I am calling her Rapture. She is such a departure for me and she was so much fun to make. My only rule was that I had to use things I already had. I can't wait to make more.
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Karen said...

it's good to stretch yourself and step out of the comfort of what you usually do. wtg!