Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sick and Sewing

So I seem to have caught Fern's cold. My head hurts and I am so stopped up and tired. It seems that intestinal issues also seem to be a part of this happy little virus. Yahoo! She has had diarrhea for the last day or so.

So, I have been tinkering with my sewing machine. I sewed a cute little cuff from some vintage fabric and trims. It turned out so well! But I have been having problems with my sewing machine, from the feed dogs to birdnesting. I was thisclose to chucking the whole machine out the window. (I have no idea where my manual is.) So I went to the Singer website and did some troubleshooting, and voila! Its singing along happy.

I need to take some pictures to get some stuff listed on ebay. Both of the girls are going to need fall clothes and I need about $300 to outfit them from Old Navy. Fern may have some handmedowns that fit but Lulu has nothing.

Still trying to get stuff listed on my etsy shop, at least 1-2 items a day. I have a ton of hearts and I am really, really hoping that cold weather brings some sales. I am going to have to look into some other items for my shop for the spring. I did get nice feedback on the red hat I sold.

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