Friday, September 07, 2007


Yesterday I actually cried because my hands and wrists hurt so bad. So last night, I packed up my hooks and yarn and put myself on crochet restriction for a week. Typing on the computer also has to be limited. In the absence of crochet, I will me taking more photos of new stock and adding to my shop. My goal is to have 100 items listed by the end of September. I have 52 items right now and 116 hearts!

I am just about done with the girls' princess pants that I've been sewing. I need to tweak Lulu's elastic and do the elastic and hem the pants on Fern's. It was fun and I look forward to doing a little more sewing. We need a duvet cover for our bed, and I want one that goes to the floor. I have most of the fabric - old vintage sheets in shades of lime, orange, and brown.

I submitted some shop items for consignment at a store in Boston. They were accepted! I have to pull the items from my shop, sign the contract and ship them off! Weeeeeeeeee!


Frogmorest said...

princess pants? do tell? I'd love to see pics :) I'm looking for christmas pressies for the girls ;)

Merrill said...

These are gauchos that I sewed from Disney fabric! I am not a very good seamstress so don't look too closely! I'll try and post pics.