Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just in time for fall...

I made this pumpkin hat, complete with stem! Its listed in my shop - go buy it quick!

I am pleased to report that I finally got my font downloaded. I have been able to print out some business cards and labels for tags. I just adore that font - its the same on that is on my blog header.

The weather here is just gorgeous. We've turned the AC off and opened the windows. Its sunny but not too hot. Its nice to be able to go outside without being sweaty the second you hit the hot air.

I am giving some thought to pattern writing. I would love to have some patterns published in some online craft zines. I have never tried it. I was making something the other day that I thought would be good to write down. As I was crocheting, I kept thinking, "I really need to write this down." And I never could make myself stop and get up.


Madeline said...

Merrill! I love your stuff and want to buy all of it. But more than that, I want to buy your patterns. I am now crocheting, thanks to Helen, so have to save my money for good yarn. But I am going to tell everyone I can think of that doesn't crochet or knit about your shop. You're so good. That cookie monster hat! Please write lots of patterns...a book of them.

The girls are soo cute and OLD!

Fancy said...

I am obsessed with pumpkins. This hat is great!