Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sneaking off to Hobby Lobby for stash enhancement

I have about 50 dishcloths done so I think I am good there. I was tucking ends on some hats and realized that I should probably make some flap hats. I whipped out two last night. I'll add pictures in a few.

I have been asked to participate in another show this fall. Julie Wingate, who owns Little Miss Priss & Co. on etsy asked my friend Christine ( to join some other crafters in a holiday open house. They are renting a local facility for the day and we will all chip in with the rent. This will be via invitation only for holiday shopping. This could turn out to be very lucrative for me. Christine and I both very excited. We wanted to do some sort of trunk show for the holidays. This way, we don't have to organize it.

Hubby has some paperwork to catch up on today, so I think I am going to sneak down to Hobby Lobby, maybe get an oil change too. I need some small bags, some cotton yarn, and some pale blue card stock. I will probably come home with some fun yarn too for the flap hats. I just love putting together different combinations of color and texture to make fun designs.

Later, I need to photo some stuff for etsy. Lulu has agreed to model for me. I'll post new pics and my shop updates later!

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