Saturday, May 26, 2007

Buy something damnit!

So I've had my etsy shop up for 6 weeks now. I have not sold a single thing and I am so sad. I really thought my afghans were unique enough to sell. Are my prices too high? Are they just too far out? I am really, really discouraged. I am going to put some other stuff in there eventually. I did so well with my hats last winter at the shop here in town. Maybe I should try those. I have added some of my paintings. I just don't know.

The Old Man is on call this week. Today he got a call that "birds was a-fallin' dead out o' the sky". Turned out a crow hit a tree and fell to the ground dead. The person wanted to know what would cause that. I vote for natural selection but that's just me.

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Lucy said...

Hi Merrill--I understand your frustration, I wish I had an answer but I think what you need is definitely some promotion, maybe a giveaway, and keep commenting on people's's a big circle, one person clicks your name, then clicks your shop, takes a look...and thus creating some traffic. I think your work is wonderful, and very reasonably priced. Crocheting/knitting is not a quick project, so the price barely covers your material...let alone your time.

Also, maybe for a while, link your etsy shop on every post, so when a visitor stops in, they can check your shop out easily.

Another thing I would list some low ball items, maybe some craft supplies (maybe left over items) that way you can be viewed in different categories. Mention your colors in your descriptions, that way if a person is looking for a particular item, you'll come up in searches.

Hope this helps..I don't sell yet on etsy..but I used to sell on Ebay, and these things worked for me.