Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I forgot my password again.

See, I told you I wouldn't be good with this. I think it is absolutely true that you lose most of your brain cells after you give birth. And I think each birth after that only makes it worse. Yesterday, I forgot to pee. I thought, "Hmmm, I have to pee." And then I had to make the girls lunch, clean up the breakfast dishes, then clean up the lunch dishes, wipe a butt or two, and then put Fern to sleep. And when I got up from nursing her to sleep, I thought, "Damn, I still have to pee." After pushing out 20 lbs of baby, the old bladder just ain't what she used to be.

I've been sewing. Hand-sewing, to be exact. I am too lazy to dig my sewing machine out and i really don't have anywhere to put it that the kids won't mess with it. But I do find something very Zen about hand-sewing. Its very Little House in the Prairie. I've made a handful of pillowcase dresses using vintage pillowcases. I made a pair for the girls - I am hoping to take some nice photos of them in them. The rest went up to the shop for sale. Here is a pic of Lulu in her's.

I've not been painting as much, although that bug is still there. I just try not to have more than one thing out at a time. I've almost resigned myself to the fact that there will never be enough time to make all of the things that I want to make.

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