Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Pressies!

Skullie and Cuff for Haley
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We have two nieces/second cousins in the tweens, and I try to make them something every year. They probably hate them but I do it anyways. This year, we got them some large pressboard letters (H for Haley and K for Kahler) and some paints so they can paint them for their rooms. I also made each one a skullie and matching cuff, but not too matchy matchy. I don't like matchy matchy.

I am starting the tradition with my girls of making them each something for Christmas. Lulu is getting a hot pink flap hat. Fern is getting a handmade bunny doll. I made the bunny doll several months ago when I had a hankering to make something complete by hand with no pattern. Shades of Little House on the Prairie, I guess. Its just been sitting around since then, so I think I will paint it with a cute little face.

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