Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Cuff, A Random Bitching

Its a new day and a new cuff is here! I love the colors on this one. I have to figure out what to do with them. I don't really have an outlet here in Gainesville to sell them. I would love to have an etsy store but I don't want to use a credit card. So the goodies just pile up.
So let me take this opp to bitch. I do not care for my new town. We moved here in February and this Mommy Dating is hard. We joined the local MOMS Club, we've been to every park, we've done story time at the library and we still can't seem to make any friends. Part of the problem is that this is a VERY conservative area and I am not. I am support gay marriage and a woman's right to chose. I am not a Christian. I might as well be a leper in these parts. Its also a pretty wealthy area. I just don't feel like I fit in. I would really like to connect with a few cool moms. Don't I sound pathetic?

I have met some other homeschooling moms online and maybe that will pan out. I just get tired of meeting a new mom, chatting, giving my number out and never hearing from them again despite a perfectly pleasant convo. Its like dating and being rejected all over again. I don't think I am that weird. I really miss my old friends.


Karla said...

Hey, this is Karla (in Metter, GA). I was updating the C'ville forum "Anyone here in Georgia?" and found your blog url and here I am!

I read this post from a few weeks ago that you wrote and had to write and say that I'm sorry you're having a difficult time finding any like-minded friends. Yes, I think Gainesville, what I knew of it when I lived up in that area 6 years ago is mostly conservative, but believe me, I'm sure it has its cliques that have less "conservative", if you will, opinions. When I lived up there, I was worried everyone was too liberal because of various things I'd read in the newspaper or hear in conversations! I consider myself "conservative" so if what you have run into is "conservative" by your standards, I must definitely be old-fashioned beyond conservative since I think Gainesville was a bit liberal!! ha ha!

I hope you will find some friends that you can hang out with soon. Good long lasting friends don't come easy. Most "friends" just come and go. So hang in there. When you do find some friends that share your views and ideas of life, they'll stick.

BTW, I love your cuffs I've seen on your blog. I haven't tried any cuffs, but just will have to after seeing yours. I know my two girls would love something like those...so girly! :) I was thinking of an "outlet' where you could sell something like that, and about all I could think of was children's consignment shops where they sell little girls dresses and clothes, etc. Perhaps there is a possibility of putting them in some of those shops.

Karen said...

You know we'd love you up here in Jersey ;)

Your blog is great! I love to see all of your creative projects.

Miss you!